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At a very strange time in our lives, with the many changes brought about by the covid-19 pandemic for the safety and health of all, we too want to protect what is considered the greatest Romaria in Portugal: the celebration of our Festas d'Agonia.


You are all invited to FEEL the ROMARIA d'AGONIA in an "online" program, starting on August 1st with the highpoint scheduled from August 19th to 23rd.


This is all possible through this website, official pages of Romaria d'Agonia on social media, radio and television, as well as exhibits taking place in the emblematic streets of the city with the various QR Codes, allowing us to feel the Festas d'Agonia, to later remember.


More so than at any other time in almost three centuries of history, this year's festival is to be lived with the same feelings, devotion and dedication, but at a distance. It will be a different festival, but perhaps even more emotional.


That is because, in addition to faith and tradition, between devotion and celebration, our Festas d'Agonia are also celebrated with the memories of a people that are proud of their existence.


For several years, we have focused on covering the Romaria on social media, with all sorts of content, reaching many thousands of people at home and abroad. This year we will use this experience to present a digital program that will allow us to FEEL the Festas d'Agonia with our families, with the memories of other years, but above all in our hearts.


The Festas d'Agonia are alive, people will maintain their devotion, their determination and the "Pride" that characterizes us, because after all we do host the most beautiful traditional festival in Portugal.


This year our Festival is to be felt with your heart!

Authors of Romaria 2020's poster:
Luís Lagadouro, Teresa Viana e Ana Moreno